Release 1.1 consisted mainly of cleanup and restructuring tasks following Release 1.0. The main update in this release is the addition of a project settings page, which we will continue to add functionality to in following releases.

Feature Additions:

  • Project Settings. Project owners will now see a settings icon on the viewer page that allows them to edit project settings. Currently you are able to edit the project name and delete the project

User Interface & Experience Improvements:

  • Home Page Icon Highlighted. The home page icon is now highlighted when on the home page to indicate that you are currently on that page.

Bug Fixes:

  • Erroneous Section Outlines. With certain file types (e.g STEP, SLDPRT) the viewer would display erroneous outlines while in section view mode. Outlines have been disabled to prevent this from happening.
  • Desktop Notification Redirect. Certain desktop notifications were not displaying the associated issue when clicked, but instead just redirecting to the project without opening the issue. This has been fixed.

Work in Progress:

  • File Organization. We are currently implementing the ability to create folders in order to improve file organization within projects.
  • Issue Labels. We have added the ability to label issues, and are currently working to implement the ability to filter issues based on those labels.

Published on:

Monday, September 10, 2018