Release 1.2 had some major updates to the product and we are excited to get them into our user’s hands. From the addition of a new dedicated issue page, to better searching capabilities, to the introduction of labels, this release was focused on enabling you to manage issues more seamlessly.

Part of our development team is also in Boston this week at an Autodesk Forge Accelerator - stay tuned for some exciting updates in our next release.

Feature Additions:

  • Assigned Actions On Dashboard: When you head to the dashboard now you will only see the issues assigned to you.
Action Assignment on the Dashboard

  • Issue Dashboard: We added a full list page for the issues across all of your projects so we can display all the critical information you need. There is a new icon in the sidebar that will bring you there.
New Issue Dashboard

  • Issue Editing: You can now edit issues if you are the owner. So if you need to adjust a description or title, you can now do it in a single click.
Editing a Issue

  • Issue Labels: One of the most versatile components in the issue. You can create your own labels to track subsystems, vendors, internal nomenclature or whatever you desire. Our recommendation is to set an internal standard. These labels will be searchable in the tables in our next release.
Adding Labels to Issues

  • Dashboard Searching & Sorting: You can now smart search on the dashboard. You can type a single search for multiple columns (ex: Adam To Do) and it will return all the issues for me that are to do. Each column is now also sortable.

User Interface & Experience Improvements:

  • Dashboard Format: We updated the dashboard to be more comprehensive and be more visually representative of the different status’ and priorities
  • Improved Issue Format: We received some excellent feedback on making the issue format more balanced for how its used. Some components are resized and now enable more flexibility and simplistic viewing like the description box.
  • File Uploading: The messaging is now more clear so it is easier to get through the upload workflow with two clear options: Drag and drop or browse.
  • Issue Refreshing: If you refresh the application with an issue open it will now stay on the issue pop-out instead of resorting to our old full screen issue page.

Bug Fixes:

  • Sectioning: You will no longer experience thick lines on sections that distort the file view.
  • Editing the issue won’t impact viewer: You can now edit issues without having any impact on the viewer whether using your mouse or keyboard.
  • Canceling File Uploads: If you click cancel during the upload now it will cancel all file uploads.
  • Deleting Files: There was an edge case where some permissions to delete files did not work. You can now remove files if you are a project owner or an uploader
  • Multiple Accidental File Uploads: If you clicked the upload button on assembly a lot in the past it could upload it multiple times. Now you will only upload it once no matter how much you click.

Published on:

Monday, September 10, 2018