Yesterday we launched Release 1.3 of Gradient! This release we were focused on improvements to our 3D viewer and file upload system. Here are the full release notes:


  • Parent file suggestion dropdown. There is a dropdown when uploading assemblies that lists all assembly type files (SLDASM, ASM, etc), making it much easier to find the parent file when uploading assemblies.
  • Measuring radius. Click on the edge of a hole or curve to measure its radius.
  • Filter by label. You can filter issues on the issue list page by label.


  • Single click to select. Single click a part to select it without the viewer zooming in on it. You can still double click to select and zoom.
  • Display part properties instead of solidbody. Now when you click a part to select it and then open the properties menu, the properties for the part will be displayed rather than the solidbody.
  • Explode at part level not solidbody level. The Gradient viewer now keeps parts intact when using the explode feature.


  • Explode and Hide/Isolate are preserved in screenshot links. If you take a screenshot with the model exploded or with components hidden or isolated, anyone clicking the screenshot link will see the model in that exact same state.
  • Issue submit bug. There was a bug that in certain circumstances caused issues not to submit once created. There were two root causes that have now been addressed.

Published on:

Wednesday, October 24, 2018