Last week we launched version 1.4 of Gradient. For Release 1.4 we were focused on implementing the first revision of three major features: file downloading, issue history and exporting issues to PDFs.


  • File downloading. Project owners can now enable or disable the ability for collaborators to download files in the project’s settings menu. Once enabled, users can right click on a file to download it.
  • Issue history. The issue history feature provides a complete record of every edit ever made to an issue, including who made it and when. With an issue open on the project page, click the options menu next to the issue title to view its history, as shown below.
  • Issue export to PDF. Using the same options menu, users can now export an issue to a PDF which can be easily shared outside of Gradient.


  • Project invite page not found. There was a bug that caused project email invites to result in a “Page not Found” error if the invite was sent before the user in question set up their account, but not clicked until after. This has been resolved.

Published on:

Wednesday, November 14, 2018