Gradient Early Adopters,

Throughout the month of May, the CoLab development team has been working to improve application stability, increase reliability of the file uploading system, eliminate bugs, and implement requested features. Some of the more notable improvements include:

User Interface

  • Implementation of various styling changes to ensure our user interface is consistent. You will notice some visual changes to the session manager page, the dashboard page, and the create/view issue dialogue boxes. Completed in preparation for the transition to a sidebar app layout for Release 1.0


  • Added an issue summary table on the dashboard page which provides a breakdown of your issues across all projects, and updates based on your filters
  • Users can now edit issue details and respond to comments from the dashboard page
  • Added a “View in Dashboard” button when right clicking a session on the Session Manager page. This navigates to the dashboard page and filters your issue list for that session

File Uploading and Viewing

  • Gradient can now support files greater than 500mb in size and most of the problems around uploading large files have been resolved.
  • Component data will now be displayed in the object browser and properties dialogue box for all file native file formats.
  • Improved handling of file upload errors. Notification of failed upload is more reliable and users can delete in-conversion files if they do get caught in the file tree
  • Added ability to upload files with multiple 2D and 3D views, and navigate between them in the file tree
  • Added ability to turn off highlighting of components on mouse-over

Workflow Efficiency Gains

  • The default fill color for shapes in our markup tools has been set to transparent
  • Added “COPY LINK” button to the sidebar in the review portal that allows you to quickly copy a link to the session and paste elsewhere for ease of reference. Only people who have been previously invited will be able to access the session via the link
  • Users will now hear a sound when a new notification is received

Coming soon!

The following upcoming features are being worked on in this development cycle:

  • Revision control which allows you to right click a file and upload a new revision
  • Adding an interactive tutorial that will give new users a tour of the application
  • Implementation of new markup / drawing tools (further discussed below)
  • We will be moving the navigation bar to be along the left side of the screen

Our product development team has also been working to gather the feedback from our Early Adopters and design Release 1.0. A product roadmap document was shared early last week which highlights our priorities for that release, and the months following.

Finally, due to the consistent feedback on our markup tools we have decided to redesign and develop a set of much more intuitive, editable markup tools. See the following mockup to get an idea of what these will look like once implemented.

Drawing Tools Mockup - Target Release Late June

We would love to hear your feedback - please send us an email or a message in the help chat!

-- CoLab Team

Published on:

Wednesday, May 30, 2018