Today we pushed Release 0.6 of Gradient. This release focused on the continued development of our new sidebar application layout, and further file uploading improvements.

Major updates include:

  • Moving of old sidebar on viewer page page to sub-sidebar that can be collapsed
  • Visual improvements to issue comments, including addition of timestamps
  • Addition of issue priority

Major bug fixes include:

  • Uploading native CREO .prt and .asm files now works
  • File uploading inefficiencies that were leading to application slowdowns

Below is a more detailed summary of the updates included in this release.

Sidebar Design

  • The sidebar on the viewer page has been moved to a sub sidebar menu. The sub menu includes issues, create issue button, files, upload button, and share.
  • On the viewer page, the issues list will open by default, but can be collapsed by click the left arrow in the side panel
  • When another sub menu is opened (for example sharing), the collapse button will bring you back to the issue list. Clicking collapse once more will hide the panel

Figure 1: Viewer Sub Side Menu

Figure 2: Side Panel Collapse Button

Issue Comments

  • We’ve implemented a cleaner commenting system that now includes date and time. Hover over the time stamp to get an exact date and time
  • Text size has been decreased in order to display more comments on screen at a given time

Figure 3: Improved Commenting System

Issue Priority

  • We’ve added an issue priority feature, that allows users to assign a priority level of Low, Medium or High to an issue
  • This feature was part of a larger near term goal to improve issue tracking which includes the ability to assign due dates and attach multiple screenshots
  • Currently issues can not be sorted by priority in the dashboard - this functionality will be rolled out in the next release

Figure 4: Issue Priority

Our goals for next release include implementation of:

  • Revision control for files. This feature is currently being tested
  • New markup tools. Also currently being tested
  • Desktop notifications to notify you of new activity even when your browser is minimized or closed

Published on:

Monday, June 25, 2018