Release Notes - Version 0.5


Gradient Early Adopters,

When you log in to the application today you will be greeted with a brand new user interface. Our development team has been working extremely hard over the past two weeks to simplify the application and your workflow within it.

Major updates include:

Major bug fixes include:

Below is a more detailed summary of the updates included in this release.

Sidebar Design

Figure 1: Sidebar Functionality

Figure 2: Design Review Portal


Figure 3: Creating an issue in a session

Figure 4: Expanded Markup Modal

Figure 5: Issue Viewing & Editing from dashboard

Adding Collaborators & Starting Projects

Figure 6 Creating a new session

Figure 7: Adding a collaborator in a session

Application Tutorial

Figure 8: Gradient Tutorial

Next Release

For Release 0.6 we will be finalizing core features such as:

We would love to hear your feedback - please send us an email or a message in the help chat!

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