Gradient Early Adopters,

When you log in to the application today you will be greeted with a brand new user interface. Our development team has been working extremely hard over the past two weeks to simplify the application and your workflow within it.

Major updates include:

  • A more consistent, visually appealing design
  • Moving to a sidebar navigation menu
  • Issues are now created and viewed in a side panel rather than a pop-up
  • Added an automated tour/tutorial of the application for new users

Major bug fixes include:

  • Resolved issues with uploading of large Navisworks files
  • Uploading file with the same name will no longer display original file

Below is a more detailed summary of the updates included in this release.

Sidebar Design

  • The navigation menu has moved to a sidebar
  • We have implemented a new UI structure to improve aesthetics and consistency, making the application easier to understand and navigate, especially for new users

Figure 1: Sidebar Functionality

Figure 2: Design Review Portal


  • Creating an issue is now done in a side panel. If you create a markup, it will be captured in the side-panel and you will then be free to continue navigating the 3D viewer while creating the issue. Moving forward, this functionality will make it easy to grab multiple screenshots/markups for an issue
  • If you click on the screenshot in the side panel it will expand to give you a full screen view of the image

Figure 3: Creating an issue in a session

Figure 4: Expanded Markup Modal

  • The issue summary has been upgraded to now include five status types (To-Do, In Progress, For Review, Closed, and Informational)
  • Clicking on an issue in the dashboard will now show it in the side panel, enabling you to quickly navigate between issues. You can respond and edit the status from the dashboard.

Figure 5: Issue Viewing & Editing from dashboard

Adding Collaborators & Starting Projects

  • Similar to issues, the pop-ups for creating new sessions and inviting collaborators have moved to the sidebar for consistency

Figure 6 Creating a new session

Figure 7: Adding a collaborator in a session

Application Tutorial

  • New users will now be prompted to walk through a very brief tutorial on how to navigate the application on first login
  • You can click on the question mark in the sidebar at any time to take a tour of the current page

Figure 8: Gradient Tutorial

Next Release

For Release 0.6 we will be finalizing core features such as:

  • Revision control for files
  • New and improved markup tools
  • Desktop notifications

We would love to hear your feedback - please send us an email or a message in the help chat!

-- CoLab Team

Published on:

Wednesday, June 13, 2018