Feature additions:

  • Revision control! You can now upload new file revisions. Gradient will mark them with a revision number and a timestamp
  • Desktop notifications. Your browser will ask if you would like to enable desktop notifications. If enabled, you will get a pop up on your desktop when you get a new notification in Gradient (similar to outlook email or gmail calendar notifications)
  • Timestamps on notifications. Hover over the informal timestamp (e.g. “3 hours ago”) to get the exact date/time
  • Multiple screenshots. You can now add multiple screenshots to an issue (e.g. from a 3D model, 2D drawing and spec sheet all related to the same issue). You can also create an issue without a screenshot
  • Isolate assembly components based on property. Clicking on a component property in the properties box will isolate all other model components with that same property

User interface improvements:

  • Moving projects to sidebar. We have removed the “Session Manager” page, and are now calling sessions “Projects” to eliminate the misconception that they are temporary, and to be consistent with other applications. Projects can now be accessed directly from the sidebar
  • File search. Users can now search project files using search bar at the top of the file list
  • Assembly uploading. The file uploading box has been re-styled to make it easier to find parent files when uploading an assembly
  • Create issue speed. Because screenshots are no longer taken automatically, the create issue function is much faster
  • File upload confusion. Individual files now upload as soon as you drag them in or select them, without having to click “Upload Files”
  • Pivot point size. You can now change the size and color of the pivot point in the 3D viewer. Open the settings menu, click the “Navigation and Selection” tab. Pivot options are at the bottom
  • Profile settings. The profile settings page has been redesigned, and now allows you to edit email, but soon will allow for editing of username and profile picture
  • File Conversion. When files are uploaded, the file list is displayed to show the successfully uploaded file, and that it is converting (if it is a CAD file)

Bug fixes:

  • Creo files can now be uploaded using the individual files upload option
  • Fixed bug that was causing comments and issues to not display until page was reloaded
  • “See All” notification page actually displays all notifications

Work In Progress:

  • New markup tools. Unfortunately these are taking longer than we had hoped, but implementation is well underway and we are hopeful they will be included in our next release
  • Detailed issue page. We are working to build a detailed issue page that would display more information than what can be seen in the side panel. For example, a complete issue history showing when it was reported, each time the status was changed, when it was closed, and by who
  • Screenshot linking to 2D/3D view. Going forward you will be able to click a button on new screenshots to load the file it was taken from and return to the same view
  • External file system integration. Soon you will be able to have a Gradient project pull files from a third party file storage system like Dropbox, Box or Google Drive

Published on:

Tuesday, July 24, 2018