Feature additions:

  • New markup tools! Individual markup components can now be edited (moved, resized, changed color, deleted). We’ve also added engineering style markups including clouds and text callouts. Make sure to click save before closing your markup! In a future release these will save automatically.
New Screenshot and Markup Workflow
  • Screenshot linking. Hovering over a new screenshot will display a link button, that will load the file and go to the position where the screenshot was taken.
Screenshot Linking to File and Location
  • Notification Linking. Clicking a notification will now direct you to the associated project, display the issue in question, and navigate to the file/location of the first screenshot (if it exists)
New Notification Functionality
  • Desktop notifications clickable. You can now click on a desktop notification to link directly to the issue in Gradient as described above.

User interface improvements:

  • Markup and screenshot workflow. Markups are now created after taking the screenshot. Hover over the screenshot thumbnail and click the pencil button to mark it up.
  • Notification text. The font size of notifications has been increased, and the context (who, what, when) is now better emphasized.
  • Project list width. The width of the project list dropdown has been increased to better display the full name of projects.
  • Create and view issue layout. The layout of the create and view issue panels has been standardized to reduce confusion.
  • Deleting file revisions. You can now delete specific revisions of files.

Bug fixes:

  • Measurements & properties in screenshots. Measurements taken in the 2D and 3D viewer are now captured in screenshots, as well as the properties box if visible.

Work In Progress:

  • Edit markup after closing. Right now screenshots can only be marked up once. In a future release you will be able to edit a markup after closing it.
  • Cross browser compatibility. Ensuring Gradient works and looks the same in all major browsers (chrome, firefox, edge, IE, Safari).
  • Editing issue, project and profile info. Users will soon be able to edit the title and description of an issue, project names and avatars, and their username and profile photos.

Published on:

Monday, August 13, 2018