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CAD Review & Issue Tracking

Gradient allows designers to carry out multi-user design review sessions in a web browser, and create and track issues in real-time. Gradient issues and tasks link to the 3D model and/or 2D drawing, allowing for quick and easy evaluation.
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Screenshot of a car engine CAD design being shared in the 3D viewer of the Gradient design review software
Screenshot of the hyperloop pod air bearings design in the 3D viewer of the Gradient design review software

Consolidate Feedback, Simplify Program Management

All reviewers can capture issues and tasks, and share them with other participants in real-time. Team leads no longer need to spend hours following a design review consolidating issues and assigning action items - with Gradient it's done before you leave the meeting room.

Access Detailed Issue Histories

Gradient automatically tracks design issues and tasks from creation to completion, making it easy to understand how something was resolved and who was involved in the decision making.
Screenshot of Gradient’s issue reporting feature that supports the medical FDA approvals process by tracking issues and automating reports

Streamline your design review process.
Resolve issues faster.

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