Quantifying the impact of design review methods on product development effectiveness

In 2023, we partnered with 4 professional survey groups to publish a comprehensive study on design review methods. We gathered data from over 250 engineering organizations. Respondents include engineering managers and executives in the automotive, heavy equipment, industrial equipment, and consumer hard goods verticals.

In this report, you’ll get analysis of the trends including:

  • The relationship between design review effectiveness and product development speed
  • The quantitative impact of design review quality on late stage errors
  • How engineering teams use PLM and other tools in their product development processes
  • How engineering teams track and implement feedback generated during design reviews
  • Where product development teams are focusing continuous improvement efforts to improve product outcomes

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What's Inside

Where product development and improvements efforts are focused
Communication channels for decisions & updates
Priorities & measures of success

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Adam Keating

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