Secure Supplier Collaboration

CoLab provides secure file sharing that works with your PLM system, so you can get better, faster design feedback from your suppliers.

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Control who sees what

Whether you’re sharing files with your team or with external partners, CoLab gives you complete control over who sees what. You can set up a Workspace, which allows team members that you select to access all files and feedback in that Workspace.

You can also set up a Portal for guest users (from another company), which lets them comment on the same files as your internal team, without getting access to internal commentary.

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“Being able to jump into CoLab and have it be so intuitive is definitely helpful... being able to show quick markups or snap to sections so anyone can clearly understand what our intents were—that was a big game-changer for me.”

Igor Beric
Manager - Global OE IVI
Hyundai Mobis North America

Ready for enterprise-worthy supplier collaboration?

  • Web-based sharing for CAD and drawings
  • Revisions and feedback, all in one place
  • Enterprise-grade IP security

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