Gate reviews don’t have to be an all day affair.

With CoLab, you can get buy-in on design decisions ahead of time, so your gate review is quick and efficient.

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Get more done outside of meetings

Shorter meetings anyone? CoLab lets you build packages that combine informational slides (PDF files) with 3D models and drawings. Create comprehensive pre-reads for everyone that needs to approve your project at the gate meeting. Reviewers can pin their comments to models, drawings, or slides, so feedback is clear and easy to resolve.

Better design feedback (even from non CAD users)

CoLab is a homebase for all of your design conversations. Need to get feedback from a Product Manager that doesn’t use CAD? How about a customer that uses a different CAD system? Send them a secure link with CoLab, and they’ll be able to participate in design conversations via a web browser.

Standardize and track your process

Gate reviews are about making sure you’ve completed the steps in your development process and are already for the next stage. CoLab makes that easy by helping you standardize design reviews. Set up different types of reviews - like a concept review or a peer check - and request a review from the appropriate team members. CoLab tracks reviews, feedback, and approvals for you automatically, so it's easy to pull a report or produce records for an audit.

“When interacting with a global engineering and manufacturing organization, it’s critical that we can keep all parties ‘on the same page.’ With CoLab we have that ability to have various functional groups around the world all reviewing and commenting live or around the clock on the same exact model.”

Mike Zamalis
VP Global Chiller Product Engineering
Johnson Controls

Ready to breeze through your next gate review?

  • Create pre-reads, to get reviewers up to speed before the meeting
  • Keep your product team and your customers informed
  • Standardize your review process and track everything automatically

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