Hey Kia: here’s why CoLab fits perfectly into Plan S

Plan S lays out a bold roadmap for Kia — but are your review processes ready for it? Mechanical teams at Ford Pro and Hyundai Mobis are now using CoLab to develop products faster and more cost-efficiently by streamlining their engineering collaboration. Keep reading to find out how Kia can, too.

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Catch quality escapes before they happen

Quality issues can hurt your brand reputation and your bottom line. With CoLab, you can catch errors during design review, before they turn into escapes. CoLab automates all of the tedious work that goes into design reviews, giving you an easy way to share files, track feedback, and provide full mechanical context (even in 3D). That means you’re better able to manage more reviews, with more reviewers — thus exponentially increasing your odds of catching a mistake and preventing costly recalls.

Deliver PBVs faster with quick, clear design communication

PBV projects involve many stakeholders, making design reviews (and collaboration in general) time-consuming and difficult. CoLab removes communication inefficiencies so you can actively collaborate with outside players and internal specialists — helping you shorten design cycles and launch PBV products faster. With CoLab, engineers can instantly review CAD models, drawings, and technical documents 2-4x faster than traditional methods. And since reviews happen directly on the design files, with full mechanical context, it’s easier to spot design flaws sooner and avoid delays.

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Lead the EV transition by accelerating time-to-market

Process innovations are a crucial part of delivering on Plan S. CoLab gives you an effective, repeatable way to launch new vehicles faster by providing the architecture you need to standardize your design review process. With CoLab, engineers can share 2D/3D design files and exchange feedback in one central hub — without the time-consuming hassle of messy email chains and slide decks. Plus, standardized review workflows in CoLab allow you to save time by catching mistakes sooner and eliminating prototype errors. It all adds up to design cycles that move 2-4x faster, so you can zoom ahead of the competition and capture more of the EV market.

Ford Pro cuts product development time by 30% in just 9 months of using CoLab

“As we head into 2023, we'll be rolling out this collaborative design tool to our convertor network to accelerate design iterations, drive more innovative solutions, and reduce errors.”

Milan Shah
Director, Ford Pro Special Vehicles
Ford Motor Company

Ready to rev up your design reviews?

  • Catch preventable quality issues so nothing slips through the cracks
  • Gain an edge in PBV and EV markets by developing products faster
  • Accelerate time-to-market with a standardized design review process

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