Kick your design reviews into high gear.

Grappling with legacy design review processes that feel polar opposite to the sleek, luxurious vehicles you design? Use CoLab to collaborate more effectively with your suppliers, maximize cost savings, and speed up vehicle delivery times.

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Make the most of supplier relationships

If your key suppliers aren’t looped in early enough or often enough, you’re leaving untapped expertise on the table. CoLab makes it easy to pool your expertise and collaborate iteratively with suppliers, from the initial phases of new vehicle development through to production. With CoLab, sharing 3D CAD and drawings is both simple and secure — so your team can spend less time sticking screenshots into slide decks, and more time communicating meaningfully with suppliers.

Build a more resilient supply chain

To get scrappy and strategic with your supply chain decisions, you need a tool that can keep up. CoLab gives engineers a frictionless way to collaborate with suppliers. Run interactive technical reviews, share designs, get feedback, and keep track of revisions — all in real time, all in one place. Quicker, clearer communication with suppliers results in faster sourcing during new product development, less rework, and better awareness around shortages and lead times. Which means you can build a more resilient supply chain, and deliver vehicles faster.

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Reduce costs while improving quality

Bring vehicle costs down while lowering warranty spend at the same time. CoLab lets you run virtual or hybrid VA/VE events in a continuous way, so your engineering team can identify and implement cost-saving ideas year round. Plus, since design reviews are significantly more effective in CoLab, you’ll catch more quality issues and escapes before they slip through to your customers.

Faster than FTP, more secure than email

Balancing the need for security and the need for speed can be tricky. But with CoLab, it happens naturally. CoLab makes it easy to share models and drawings, while also letting you toggle permissions on and off to control who can view or download files at any given time. That way, you can have confidence that your sensitive IP never ends up where it shouldn’t.

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Ford Pro cuts product development time by 30% in just 9 months of using CoLab

“As we head into 2023, we'll be rolling out this collaborative design tool to our convertor network to accelerate design iterations, drive more innovative solutions, and reduce errors.”

Milan Shah
Director, Ford Pro Special Vehicles
Ford Motor Company

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  • Strengthen customer relationships by collaborating more effectively
  • Speed up vehicle delivery times and build a more resilient supply chain
  • Lower costs without compromising quality

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