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“When interacting with a global engineering and manufacturing organization, it’s critical that we can keep all parties ‘on the same page.’ With CoLab we have that ability to have various functional groups around the world all reviewing and commenting live or around the clock on the same exact model.”

Mike Zamalis
VP Global Chiller Product Engineering
Johnson Controls

CoLab’s out-of-the-box integration with Windchill lets you have design conversations with your team and supply chain, while maintaining the structure and organization of your PLM.

Windchill for organization, CoLab for collaboration and decision making

Maximize the benefits of both systems by maintaining organized file storage in Windchill and quickly reviewing the same information with added context in CoLab. After reviewing, make necessary modifications in your CAD system, check it into Windchill, and repeat the process.

Quick and simple sharing for all your design info

With CoLab’s Windchill integration, you can share design and manufacturing data, such as 3D CAD models, drawings, BOMs and product manufacturing information, with individuals outside your Windchill system in a secure manner. This eliminates the need for sending attachments in emails or worrying about expired links. Just simple, secure file sharing in the browser.

Automatic revision integration that can keep up with you

Eliminate the frustration of searching for the correct file or accidentally sending outdated versions by directly sharing files from Windchill to CoLab in the cloud. Your team can be confident that everyone is reviewing the right files and the latest versions, even when making changes, ensuring that quality and accuracy are maintained throughout the process and preventing mistakes from reaching production.

Actually used (and loved) by engineers building the world’s most complex products

Ready to offer your customers even more design expertise?

  • Share CAD for review via secure web links
  • Conduct interactive technical reviews with customers
  • Stay on top of changes with visual ECNs

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Offer your customers even more design expertise, with CoLab

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Case Study

Hyundai Mobis won new business and strengthened OEM relationships with CoLab

“Fiat Chrysler Automotive is constantly sending revisions to their parts or components. With CoLab, we can go in and see what it was versus what it is now, so we can assess the changes much better than we could before.”


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