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Uploading & Managing Files

Upload a File Revision

Whether you are uploading a revision of a 3D model or PDF, there are two ways to upload a new revision of a file:

  1. Once you are in a project, click on the ‘Files’ button (View Files) on the left drawer. From within the Project Files pane, right click the file you wish to upload a revision of in the Project Files list, and click ‘New Revision’.

If uploading a single file as a revision, click ‘Choose Files’ to upload the file or simply Drag and Drop the file and click ‘Upload Revision’.

If uploading an Assembly as a revision, drag in all the necessary files and then follow the instructions that appear on screen. 

  1. Click on the drop down arrow on the version menu located at the top center of the viewer. This shows all of the versions and respective time stamps for the particular file that is loaded in the viewer. Click ‘Upload Revision’. You will then have the ability to toggle between revisions.

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