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Uploading & Managing Files

How to Upload a 3D CAD Assembly

To upload a CAD assembly (e.g. SLDASM, ASM, CATPRODUCT, etc) to CoLab, first open a project. Once you have opened a project, click the ‘Upload’ button (Upload Files) on the left sidebar, and then select ‘Assembly’.

Following the instructions on screen, you can either ‘Choose Files’ to upload or Drag and Drop in all the parts and assembly files related to the assembly you are trying to upload. A feature such as “Pack and Go” in Solidworks can be used to consolidate all assembly reference files into one folder. Once all files are in one folder, you can simply drag that folder into the file upload dialogue in CoLab.

Once you have uploaded or dragged and dropped all the required files, use the ‘Parent File’ dropdown menu to select the top level, or parent, assembly file. After clicking the dropdown, start typing to search for that file. Once you’ve selected the parent assembly file, click upload to upload your assembly. After selecting the file, upload progress is indicated by a progress bar in the viewer pane.

After the file is uploaded, it is converted to a web-viewable format - this conversion process is indicated by the existence of a spinning wheel in the file tree in the left sidebar. When the spinning wheel icon is replaced with a 3D cube, you may click it to view the file.

Note: If an assembly has references to files in other locations, you’ll need to consolidate those files using a tool like Pack and Go or eTransmit.

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