Uploading 3D CAD Files

Uploading, Downloading, and Organizing Files

Files must be added to a project. For more information on how to create a new project, click here. User uploads new file(s) by first navigating to the “files list” icon in the left sidebar.

Once you select the designated option, you will see a drag and drop window appear. You can then click the drop zone to bring up your file browser, or directly drop the files in the pane.

If you selected "Individual Files", simply click "Upload Files" and the files will begin uploading. If you selected "Assembly" it will then ask you to "Select a parent file", and suggest files for you to select from. To do so, simply click on the parent file and then click "Upload Files".

After selecting the file, upload progress is indicated by a progress bar in the viewer pane.

After the file is uploaded, it is converted to a web-viewable format - this conversion process is indicated by the existence of a spinning wheel in the file tree in the left sidebar. When the spinning wheel icon is replaced with a 3D cube, you may click it to view the file.

Note: If an assembly has references to files in other locations, you’ll need to consolidate those files using a tool like Pack and Go or eTransmit.