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Issue Tracking

Issue Dashboards

A comprehensive issue list containing all issues in all projects you are in can be accessed by clicking the ‘Issues’ icon in the left sidebar. From this page, you can filter all issues based on a number of criteria including project, assignee, status, associated file or design review. The filtered list can be exported to a PDF using the ‘Export as PDF’ button in the top right of the list.

NOTE: by default, the issues list page does not display Closed issues. Click the box containing issue status labels (e.g. To Do, In Progress, For Review) and a dropdown menu will appear allowing you to filter by status and include closed issues.

The Dashboard or Home page also lists issues that are assigned to you under the ‘My Issues’ pane. Here, you may filter issues based on keyword, project, status, label or design review. All issues across all of your projects are summarized under ‘Issue Summary’ on the bottom left of the Dashboard homepage.

To view more information about an issue, click on the row in the issue list to open the side panel.

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