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Getting Started

Adding Users

There are two ways to add users to a project. The first is from the Admin panel, and the second is from within a project by clicking the Users button.

Adding a user from the Admin panel

If you have been assigned an Admin role, you have the ability to add internal users within your company. You can also set the role for each new user you add.

Adding a user from within a Project

If you are not already on the project screen, click the ‘Projects List’ button on the left sidebar. For more information on how to create a new project, click here

Invite collaborators by clicking the ‘Users’ button (Add User) on the left sidebar, which opens the Add User panel. Type the email of the person you wish to add as a reviewer and click ‘Add’.. Clicking the ‘Add ’button will notify the person that they have been invited to join a new project via both in-app notifications and via email.

After receiving the notification email and following the link, existing users will be brought directly into the project if logged into the app. New users will be prompted to create an ‘External Account’, at which point they will then also be brought directly into the project in the app. For more information on Internal vs. External Accounts, click here.

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