How to Create an Issue

Issue Tracking

To create an issue, first enter a project. Within the project page, there are two ways to create an issue.

  1. Click the '+ Create' button (Create Issue) on the left sidebar. After giving the issue a ‘Title’ and ‘Description’, you can add a ‘Status’, ‘Priority’, ‘Assignee’, ‘Due Date’, and even add an ‘Issue Label’. If you wish to add a screenshot to this issue, first position the model, drawing or document appropriately, and then click the ‘Take Screenshot’ icon under ‘Screenshots’. This will attach a screenshot of the viewer to the issue. Once you've completed all fields, click ‘Submit’. For information on how to complete a markup on this screenshot, please see our ‘Creating a Markup’ article.

  1. The other way to create an issue is to use the “Quick Create” option: Click the ‘+ Create Issue’ button at the bottom of the ‘Projects Issue’ panel.

The button will then be replaced with a field where you can ‘Summarize the issue’, give the issue a status by clicking on the status icon, and add a screenshot by clicking on the camera icon. Hit enter or click the + icon to create the issue. Once created, the issue will appear at the top of the issue list in the Project Issues panel. From there, you can click on the issue to enter further details and markup the screenshot.