First Person Walk Through Mode

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First person walk through mode is a powerful feature that enables you to ‘walk through’ a 3D model. This mode is mostly used for reviewing buildings, landscapes or other larger models that would require more than just rotation of a model to evaluate.

First, go to the settings and turn on the "First Person Mode" by ensuring the box is checked off.

Once this mode is turned on, exit the settings and manipulate closer to the model. Go to the bottom toolbar and select the first person mode.

Once you select the first person mode, you will be brought to an information menu that explains how to manipulate the model effectively.

The interesting part about the new first person mode is that it will detect gravity so you can walk along floors and up and over other objects. Using this mindset, our advice for simple and easy navigation is below:

To exit first person mode and back to your home reference in the model, click the first person button again and then the smaller home icon in the viewer.