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Export Issues to PDF or CSV from Home Dashboard

Once you filter for a particular list of issues, the filtered list can be exported to PDF or CSV by clicking the ‘Export’ drop-down menu.

To view more information about an issue, click on the issue in the issue list and it will open in the left drawer.

Exporting Issues to a PDF from the Dashboard.

Next click the ‘Export’ button in the top right of the issues list table and select ‘PDF Document’. A "Please Confirm" window will appear, click OK.

When your PDF Export is complete, click the ‘Download PDF’ button, then open the downloaded PDF file to view.

Exporting Issues to a CSV file from the Dashboard.

Filter the Issues table for the desired set of issues by using the Filters, keyword search, issue statuses, drop-downs, or a combination of these filters combined (e.g. all ‘To Do’ issues assigned to ‘Christina’ in the project ‘Hyperloop Pod Design’).

When your CSV export is complete, click the ‘Download CSV’ button, then open the downloaded CSV file to view. The file will open in Microsoft Excel by default.

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