Create a New Design Review

Review Planner

To create a new design review, first enter a project. Once in a project, click the ‘Reviews’ button (Review Planner) denoted by a clipboard icon.

This opens the ‘Review Planner’ pane. Click the ‘+’ button (Create New Review) in the top right corner of the review pane, to the right of ‘Review Planner’.

You may then add a Title, Description, Due Date, and tag the required 'Reviewers' in the left side panel. A slide editing and navigation window also appears over the viewer allowing you to create the first review slide. Open the file you wish to add as the first slide, if not already open. This can be a 3D model, 2D drawing or PDF. Position the model or drawing to the view you would like to capture, then enter a title and description and click 'Create'. Repeat this process to add additional slides. If you wish to add a slide from a different file, simply navigate to the 'Files' menu and open that file.

If a file associated with a review is deleted, you will see a ‘file not found’ message on the slides associated with that view. To resolve this, you must edit the design review and update the views for the affected slides. For more information on how to edit a review, see “Edit a Design Review”.

You can also link issues to review slides. For more information on this see how to “Link an Issue to a Design Review”.

When finished creating slides, click 'Finish' or 'Create and Finish'.