Add Reviewers to a Design Review

Review Planner

To add reviewers to a design review, first enter a project. Once in a project, click the ‘Reviews’ button (Review Planner) denoted by a clipboard icon in the sidebar. Click the ‘Edit Review’ button in the Reviews pane.

Then click ‘Reviewers’ and a drop-down menu will appear with all users in the project that you can choose from. You will notice that as you start to select Users, their name will be highlighted dark blue in the list.

Each user will receive an email shortly after you select their name notifying them that they have been assigned to the review. The user can click the ‘OPEN PROJECT’ button in the email to be brought directly to the project.

After the user has completed the review and clicked “Approve” at the end, a green check mark will appear next to their profile photo in the review panel.