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Design and Build Life-Saving Solutions, Together

The world has been grounded to a halt because of COVID-19 and CoLab is committed to supporting all the engineering and manufacturing teams that are building solutions to fix the problem. For any team designing or manufacturing PPE, ventilators, test equipment or other COVID-19 solutions, CoLab will be free until at least June 30, 2020.

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“Using CoLab to automatically track device changes will be a huge help to avoid missing documentation. It’s closing the gap between constantly updating documentation/design history files and doing the actual mechanical design."

Medical Device Company

"The app was amazing to have on the shop floor during our build. I would say 2 thumbs up!"

Engineering Manager
Fortune 500 Industrial Equipment Leader

Teams around the world are uniting to create COVID-19 solutions, but are struggling to move fast (while maintaining quality) because of antiquated sharing, review and collaboration tools.

CoLab helps COVID-19 design and manufacturing teams move fast. Simple and secure access to a cloud-based design hub that unites your distributed teams, partners and manufacturers. Review models and drawings together with minimal set up, and resolve issues in real-time. CoLab tracks comprehensive histories of design decisions and feedback so you can fasttrack any regulatory paperwork you need.

The world needs you to build life-saving solutions quickly and safely.
Let us help you do that.

Unite Design & Manufacturing, Across Company Borders

Set-up a collaborative design review and engineering communication hub so your team and partners can easily work together. Access all drawings, models and communications through a set of workspaces so you quickly iterate and capture changes in real-time.

Shorten Review Cycles by 50%

Review design and manufacturing together and instantaneously capture feedback so you can find resolutions quickly, and get solutions to people that need them most. On the backend, CoLab will track the discussions, changes and minutes so you have the information you need for upholding quality standards.

Instant Setup, Low Complexity, Immediate Impact

CoLab is cloud-based and can be rolled out to your team, partners and supply chains in under an hour. There are no installations and minimal training. Your team will be able to access CoLab on any computer through your browser and on your phone through the mobile app. Immediately your team will be able to collaborate together - whether in person or remote, during design or in manufacturing.

Accelerate Regulatory Approval

Developing innovative medical equipment technology involves intense regulatory review and careful process documentation. The industry leading process today puts most of this burden directly on your engineering team. By tracking changes, reviews and issues in CoLab, you can ensure your documentation is always up to date and reduce the amount of time you spend creating material for the FDA
Exceptional quality and compliance processes in medical device design and manufacturing is critical.With CoLab, the quality of the product, your communications and resolutions are all centralized in one location so no issue goes unresolved. With simple access, all stakeholders can be involved at any stage to help you build better products. Reduce delays, avoid costly mistakes, maintain compliance.
The global demand for innovative new medical products is rising, and so is the pace at which these solutions must hit the market. With this shift, many companies are turning to agile development to design and build their innovative  hardware. CoLab gives teams a simple, connected and purpose-built platform to design, review and manufacturing. CoLab shortens review cycles from months to days and eliminates millions of dollars in costly change orders and non-conformances for new products.

Together, we’ll fight COVID-19. We’re here to help you help us. 

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