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CoLab + Xometry: A Practical Approach to Scaling Innovation

In 2020, the Xometry team started using CoLab to make the communication process better for discussing new product ideas and collaborating on design. Recently, CoLab CEO Adam Keating chatted with Xometry Senior Product Manager Rachel Rush about the current shift in how people work together across engineering and manufacturing. This post covers some highlights from their conversation.

How Hyundai Mobis is Driving Success with CoLab

With thousands of employees around the world and billions of dollars in annual revenue, Hyundai Mobis builds innovative and world-class products for some of the biggest brands in the business. Since 2019, Hyundai Mobis has been using CoLab to make global design collaboration easier and more effective. 

Johnson Controls Builds Industry-Leading Engineering Change and Design Review Process

In 2018, CoLab approached the Johnson Controls Chillers team with a question. What is your biggest pain point in product development? The answer: Communication. Together, CoLab and JCI committed to solving it. 

Genoa Sets the New Shipbuilding Production Drawing Review Standard With CoLab

Together, CoLab and Genoa are building the future of design and manufacturing collaboration, leading the shipbuilding industry forward.

Kraken Robotics leads in quality through design review efficiency

How Kraken Robotics leads the industry in design review efficiency ahead of ISO certification.

Hyundai Mobis is streamlining module assembly and uniting teams with CoLab

Using the CoLab platform, Hyundai Mobis is uniting teams from the United States to South Korea, streamlining the module assembly process, and improving collaboration with OEMs. The result is seamless global design collaboration.

Motovario Corporation (USA)

Motovario Corp USA, one of CoLab's earliest adopters, is finding success in bridging the communication gap between technical teams, sales and customers.


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