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Genoa International Design

Genoa Sets the Drawing Review Standard With CoLab

Together, CoLab and Genoa are building the future of design and manufacturing collaboration, leading the shipbuilding industry forward.

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Digitizing & Automating Genoa’s Review Process

In March of 2020, like much of the world, Genoa was tasked with a new challenge - safely transition their team to work from home and master remote work, immediately. Slowing down was not an option. Genoa had to continue to deliver for their customers as the vessels they work on are critical for both Canada and the United States. They had to do what they do best - innovate.  

Genoa immediately began working on a solution, digitizing their production drawing review process on several key projects and engaged CoLab to help make it happen. Genoa didn’t miss a beat - hitting their goals, moving faster than ever before, and achieving best-in-class quality. Genoa delivers for its customers - even in the most uncertain of times.

Together, Genoa and CoLab delivered unprecedented success for these projects, mastered remote drawing review, reduced paper, delivered quality, pushed continuous improvement, and achieved efficiency excellence. And the numbers speak for themselves!

Master Remote Collaboration

As Genoa decided it was in the best interest of their team and communities to work from home, they needed to find a new way to collaborate. While the way Genoa teams had to work and collaborate changed dramatically, their goals did not. They had to deliver excellence for their customers.

Genoa has always leveraged the 3D model, the associated drawings, and high quality review processes to collaborate effectively with their customers and partners. Like many design teams, Genoa’s review process employed the industry-approved tools: screenshares, model exports, in-person reviews, email, PDFs in disconnected desktop tools, and printed drawings. With a new distributed work environment, Genoa had to pivot quickly.

That’s where CoLab came in. Together, CoLab and Genoa analysed the existing process, designed a new digital one, complementing their existing agile framework, got the team up to speed, implemented CoLab and started executing. All in about one week.
The New Process : CoLab

Digitize Drawing Review: Eliminate Paper, Rogue PDFs and Email

Today, Genoa uses CoLab to drive their drawing review process. From self-checks to QA Review, they now complete their full drawing review process collaboratively within their digital CoLab hub.

With CoLab, designers have instant access to the documents they need to review, and each stakeholder knows where in-progress reviews stand. Simplified reviews, automated admin.

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