What if you could get better supplier reviews – without the compromises?

Join the engineering teams are transforming the way they work

Let me guess. The way you’re sending files to your suppliers looks something like this:

  • Package up technical documentation in PLM
  • Create a SharePoint package
  • Send via email

Or, worse, you’re paying major $$$ to bring your suppliers into your PLM, ERP or quote management system.

Then, you’re waiting weeks to set-up a meeting to review notes and feedback. It’s a logistical nightmare.

Meanwhile, the pressure to deliver the final product faster and cheaper isn’t letting up.

How it works

A portal your supplier can actually use

Give your suppliers access to a dedicated portal where they can access your CAD files and leave critical feedback directly on 3D models – without a complicated licensing fee.

Avoid the hassle of giant email chains and scheduling meetings during impossible time slots. So, your team can bring your supplier into a design review in seconds while giving them the context they need to provide valuable feedback.

Companies who use CoLab, bring suppliers into design conversations much earlier to expose risk before a drawing gets to production.

Get full visibility into what’s happening with your files

Up to 80% of drawings and models get shared by suppliers (to their suppliers), without you ever knowing.

Regain control of your critical IP with secure, traceable file sharing.

CoLab lets you create unlimited workspaces, each with custom permissions to view, share, or download files.

That means every suppliers gets only the access they need. And when you’re done collaborating, shut down file access just as easily.

Turn every supplier into a trusted partner

Companies rely on a supplier’s institutional knowledge because there’s no traceable data from the hundreds, if not thousands, of times that supplier has quoted business or machined a component.

What if you could capture all that knowledge in one place? And then, what if you could share all that data with any new supplier.

CoLab gives you the platform to track and share product data, 3D models and relevant documentation with any supplier, any time.

With access to the files that matter AND the context that matters, new and incumbent suppliers alike feel like partners in your business.

CAD & PLM Integrations

CoLab supports more than 30 file types, including native CAD like Creo, NX, SolidWorks, CATIA and Autodesk Inventor. You can also review neutral formats like STP, and complete drawing reviews on PDFs.

As for PLM, CoLab integrates directly with Windchill PLM, Solidworks PDM, Teamcenter PLM, and 3DEXPERIENCE (coming soon). Using CoLab's PLM integrations, when you share a file for review, CoLab also maintains critical associations between data objects in PLM/PDM.

Aside from engineering system integrations, CoLab also integrates with Jira and supports security protocols, like SSO, user permissions and more.

Learn more about integrations >>

Mainspring Energy saw a huge opportunity to speed up product development by streamlining their supplier collaboration process. With CoLab, During the first six months, the team has seen a 50% cost reduction during product development – in half the time.
“We’re able to get real-time feedback on the design from suppliers. The suppliers are domestic and international, so now we don't need to have phone calls at odd hours. We can send them a model and just point to specific things to ask, ‘Hey, is this okay? Does this work? Can we use this material here?’ Then we get that direct feedback and it's clear.”

Kevin Walters
Senior Director of Hardware Engineering
Mainspring Energy

Get your critical product decisions out of email – once and for all

This isn’t a months-long process either. Schedule a discussion as soon as today and get the conversation started.

Teams who are ready for change see CoLab fully implemented in as little as 3 months from the first discussion.

Teams who use CoLab don’t settle for 10% efficiency gains.They want to transform the way they work with suppliers.

If you’re ready to talk about how CoLab fits in your engineering software suite, schedule a time to talk with a technical expert.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Host virtual events with more team members
  • Generate up to 100% more ideas per event
  • Simplify follow up and eliminate headaches

FAQs about using CoLab with your suppliers

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Can I share a single file with multiple suppliers without each supplier seeing the others’ feedback?
Can a supplier request a review from a portal?
When you have an assembly, can you assign individual components within that assembly to certain suppliers?
For security reasons, will we be able to cut off access to a supplier portal once a review is complete?
Are supplier Portals an added cost? And how does licensing within Portal work?


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